About Us

Wheeler & Associates
2005 Bay Rd
Milford, DE 19963
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Unique Skills & Qualifications:

  • Private medical practice, public health, and hospital administration.

  • Indigent and vulnerable populations.

  • Local, state, and federal advocacy.

  • Social services, education, and community development experience.

Company Description:
Wheeler & Associates is not the ordinary consulting company. Rather we are administrative and grant writing services that can be uniquely configured to meet your organizational needs. Today’s businesses require personnel and funds to complete defined and focused activities. While lengthy assessments , studies, and environmental analyses are sometimes warranted, there are equally many instances when the answers are already clear and what is most needed is the means to complete identified priorities. We work closely with your organization to carry out all the tasks required to achieve your goals and simultaneously educate all those affected by these activities to their purpose and value. We care about our projects, the people affected by them, and their longer-term impacts on the way business is conducted. No job is too big or too small.

Wheeler & Associates completes personalized administrative services to meet individual client needs. One-on-one relationships are built between our staff and yours in order to fully understand your needs, constraints, previous experiences, and ultimate goals. It is on the basis of this relationship that we can seek funds for your programs, gather information for you and/or disseminate information about you, and, in all, swiftly complete projects and programs that reflect your organization and contribute to your control of your respective industry.

Save the time, headache, and expense of recruiting temporary or part time services for your professional needs. We do not need office space, or clerical support. We do not consume overhead or require benefits. Our employees are all advanced degreed individuals with ample administrative experience in the fields of health care, advocacy, communications, and education. We are unique and flexible. Our retention of long-term clients and frequent client referrals exemplify the trust we have earned and control we impart back to organizations that we service.


Wheeler & Associates    2005 Bay Rd  Milford, DE 19963
Tel - 302.335.1560   Fax - 302.335.5898   email: info@managetool.com