Internet Services

Wheeler & Associates will work with you from start  to finish on your organizationís website. We will work with you to determine your web needs and identify tools and information required to reach your target audience(s). Our services begin with consulting with you about your business and web interest. Together we will determine a site layout and from there you can view your site as a demo as its being built. Unlike internet service companies who require you to provide written content, we will write your copy, compile and organize your materials for web interactivity, and if desired maintain your site with updates, revisions and periodic upgrades.

Our goal is to uniquely capture the essence of your organization and create a web presence that encourages repeat visitors. 
The comb
ination of carefully planned content and technological features in well-designed websites provide valuable resources for visitors and encourage their repeated use of the site.  Visit Caramedia to see examples of some of the partnership work we have done together

We coordinate exclusively with Caramedia Digital Development Partners to take advantage of extensive experience in online development dating back to the 1980ís. Unlike newcomers to the webservices marketplace, Caramedia has experience in various forms of digital media and traffic management for high-volume sites and can assist us in providing clients with insight into their website visitor activity.


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