Planning & Partnering

Whether you are a community-based nonprofit organization, state or federal agency, or local municipality we can assist you in forming the coalition of individuals and/or organizations required to complete your goals. From loose collaborations, to Boards of Directors, to coalitions of multiple key stakeholders we have extensive knowledge of specific organizations or the types of individuals and organizations required to complete your goals. We have established relationships with many organizations that we have assisted on prior occasions that appreciate continued relationship building and networking opportunities.

Our services begin by identifying the community which your program or project targets and the desired impact and outcomes of your initiative. The marriage of your goals to this target population creates a framework for Strategic planning, the identification of necessary resources, and the formation of work groups or project teams. We will work with you to craft an action plan and timeline to carry out your activities with the consideration and, as agreed upon, the input of applicable stakeholders.

Wheeler & Associates will at your request identify potential partners, educate and engage them to your project or program, and manage their guided contribution of input and collaboration with your program.




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